PI Launches its Second Phase 2015 – 2020

An event on the 4 March 2015 in the House of Commons has marked the launch of a second phase of the electricity industry’s successful health and safety initiative ‘Powering Improvement’. The five year Powering Improvement strategy was first launched in 2010 and brought together electricity companies, trade unions and the Health and Safety Executive in an effort to make the UK electricity industry a world leader in occupational health and safety.

The success of this collaborative approach has lead to the development of a new five year Powering Improvement strategy, which will seek to build on the progress made so far.

Shadow Minister for Employment Stephen Timms MP spoke at the Parliamentary launch. He said, “The Labour Party warmly welcomes the Powering Improvement initiative. Labour is committed to the promotion of health and safety at work, as integral to good management practice as well as a vital protection for employees. A partnership approach is the right way forward; a safe and well trained workforce benefits employee and employer alike.”

Steve Johnson, Chief Executive of regional power network Electricity North West said, “Our industry has worked hard to deliver a significant improvement in health and safety performance since privatisation. Powering Improvement has made an important contribution to that effort, and I am pleased that it is being renewed to drive further progress over the next five years.”

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of the trade union Prospect said, “Health and safety in the energy sector is seen by Prospect as a beacon of excellence: unions and employers genuinely seeking to collaborate in raising awareness and improving standards. Powering Improvement, a campaign now entering its second 5-year phase, is pivotal to delivering that commitment. Such is its value, HSE continues to resource very welcome support and input. This is self-regulation at its best.”

Samantha Peace, HSE Director, said, “When, in 2009, we published the strategy ‘The Health and Safety of Great Britain \\ Be Part of the Solution’, the electricity sector’s Powering Improvement response was exactly the type of industry initiative we had in mind. I am very encouraged the industry so clearly recognises the business and social benefits of good health and safety, and I am pleased to be here today to play a part in keeping the momentum going as the second phase of Powering Improvement is launched.”

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