Electricity Industry Launches Occupational Ill Health Road Map 2017

The electricity industry has launched a new online tool to provide interested parties with resources and information to help manage occupational ill health, as part of the industry wide effort to deliver world leading health and safety performance.

The Occupational Health Roadmap is a freely available, interactive online repository for anyone to browse, learn, and gain best practice and advice on successful initiatives to tackle occupational ill health risk. It covers all aspects of a successful approach to occupational ill health management, including physical and mental health issues.

The Roadmap has been developed through the industry’s Powering Improvement initiative which brings together electricity companies, trade unions and the Health and Safety Executive in a collaborative effort to deliver the highest standards in health and safety performance. Launched by Geoff Earl (Director of SHE for Northern Powergrid and Champion of Powering Improvement in 2016) at the recent Safety, Health and Environment Management Conference in Birmingham, the Roadmap is an outcome from the 2016 Powering Improvement focus area of ‘Managing Occupational Ill Health Risks’.

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