Recent discussions within the industry have highlighted lone working for a number of scenarios where staff are needing to carry out high, medium and low risk activities ranging from commuting, network operations, asset maintenance or even simply working out in the public domain for street works activities engaging with members of the public. It is perceived that for the latter, incidences of violence or abusive environments are ever more prevalent which increases risk to employees across the sector. It is the aim of the Supporting Individuals Working Alone theme to produce outputs that will identify and help to empower workers within the electricity Industry sector, enabling member companies to support their workforce in all scenarios, and create a healthy sense of belonging.

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Throughout the year ENA produce a variety of Powering Improvement publications showcasing the strategy as well as each annual theme. These publications are useful tools for the industry, the ENA team are happy to send you hard copies should you require them, visit the Contact Us page.

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