• Review the top three health risks in our industry and ensure that they continue to be effectively addressed. This will include a focus on “managing mental ill health” - supporting those that have existing or developing mental health issues along with proactively working to improve the mental health of our workforce through effective worker engagement and change management.
  • Review and build on the six commitments that companies signed up to in 2011.
  • The ENA and Energy UK Occupational Health Committees will work together to develop a detailed delivery plan for the year.

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Throughout the year ENA produce a variety of Powering Improvement publications showcasing the strategy as well as each annual theme. These publications are useful tools for the industry, the ENA team are happy to send you hard copies should you require them, visit the Contact Us page.

img Managing Occupational Ill Health Risks - SHE Review 2016 and Report June 2017 Download
img Health & Wellbeing Framework (2017) June 2017 Download
img PI Managing Occupational Ill Health Workshop - 19th Oct 2016 October 2016 Download
img GB Strategy 'Helping GB Work Well' August 2016 Download

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Spreading the word about Powering Improvement is an important part of helping to ensure that the whole industry can improve in this area of work. So to help colleagues talk about this effectively we’ll be providing materials to aid with presentations and discussions over the course of the strategy.

img PI 2016 Delivery Plan January 2016 Download

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The Powering Improvement members organise and attend events throughout the year, these events not only promote the Powering Improvement strategy but also allow the members to share best practice and celebrate the success of this initiative.

img Announcements Listing 2016 January 2017 Download
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