A safe, healthy and competent workforce is good for individuals and good for business

Vision: Powering Improvement will support the UK electricity industry in its drive to have no life changing injuries (zero RIDDOR reportable) or major incidents and to have an engaged and healthier workforce by 2025. 

ENA Member companies will continue to work together in partnership with Trade Unions and HSE to ensure the electricity networks sector has a realistic and inclusive approach to health and safety at work. Powering Improvement is intended to provide a focus and line of sight between the electricity sector interventions to deliver a sustained improvement in health and safety performance and the framework set out in the HSE strategy.

Throughout the third phase from 2020-2025, we will maintain a focus on managing our priority risks, that include for example working with electricity, occupational health, working at height and driving, whilst maintain a focus to develop culture, empower individuals and promote a healthy workforce. Although the strategy is focussed on occupational health and safety risks, public safety issues involving both third-party contractors and members of the public will continue to be addressed as a priority. 

Success will be achieved by actively supporting the HSE strategy for health and safety (Protecting People and Places) and the HSE health specific strategies and build on the successes and lessons learned from the last 10 years of the Powering Improvement initiative. 

This will be achieved through a focus on efficiency, sustainability and innovation and the effective management and control of risk. The safe adoption of technological and commercial developments will contribute to a safer and healthier workforce by 2025 .

The strategy will be supported by a detailed action plan together with annual delivery focus areas.  Work will evolve over the 5 year period taking into account new information and experience gained in delivering the earlier objectives.

The following companies and trade unions are signed on to the strategy:

ENA Companies:


Trade Unions: 

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